Models Wanted!



I want to thank you for your interest in working with me and I look forward to creating amazing photos with you. Below you will find a list of the various project ideas I have currently in development you may be interested in.  Please take a look and if anything peaks your interest let me know and we can begin work on setting up a shoot together.


I may be contacted via this website or my Model Mayhem page

Have a great day!

My Project Ideas


Father of bride with mirror

Lighted umbrella

Wizard battle

Firefly shoot

Pirates of the neighborhood

Beach girl hammock

Picture frame trick

Doorway to nowhere

May I have your autograph?

GI Jesus and family

Battlefield angel

The reaping field

Soldier autograph

Witch Summoning

Not in Kansas Anymore

Dark night encounter

Catch a wave series

For Those About to Die*

Statue of Liberty Burning

Red, White, and Blue Nude*

Infinity Box

Nude Painter*


Cross dressed couple boudoir

Drag king boudoir

Drag queen boudoir


Blacklight outside

Black tape project

Blacklight tape project


Outdoor boudoir


Fire spinning

Light painting


Sexy Pirate

Cosplay boudoir

Cosplay pinup

1920s style



Fitness boudoir


*Must be at least 18 and provide proper ID.


Vampire lovers with mirror*

Executioner's Song

Motel Hell Theme

Sacrifice Ends Hunger

Bride of Frankenstein

Call of Cthulhu

Light Painting

Fire spins

Fire spin demon

Fire spin baseball

Fire spin zombies


Blacklight outside

Light painting