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Session Fees

Standard: $90 - 30 Min or $150/hour

Special Event:  $800 - ½ day or $1500/day

Please note that session fees do not apply to print orders.

All fees include travel expenses for sessions held within one hour of studio. Additional expenses may apply for extended travel, additional props, and/or items not provided by client.  Special event rates are based on a standard 8 hour work day.  All rates are negotiable and subject change. Additional terms and/or conditions are subject to negotiation.  Break periods of 30 minutes to an hour are also required during special events.  Please contact the me for further information.


Individual Print Prices

Lustre/Glossy $20.00  Metallic $30.00


One Sheet = 4- 4x5’s or 8- Wallets or 2- 5x7 or 1- 8x10

2 Sheets = 11x14

4 Sheets = 16x20


Standard Package - $150.00
Any 10 Lustre/Glossy Sheets

Advanced Package - $200.00
Any 15 Lustre/Glossy Sheets

Premiere Package - $300.00
Any 20 Lustre/Glossy Sheets

Ultimate Package - $700.00
Digital Images* + Any 15 Lustre/Glossy and any 10 Metallic Sheets


Digital Images * - $300.00

*Digital Images includes 20 – 30 edited photos with rights on your choice of CD, DVD, Thumbdrive, or Cloud upload.

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